Student Safety: Drop off and Pick up
Orange Middle School

In an effort to ensure the safety of students during parent pick up and dismissal, as well as the ability of buses and emergency vehicles to move through the busy parking areas, please follow these guidelines:

-PLEASE PULL FORWARD! Vehicles must pull all the way up to the yield sign. Always pull forward if there is space in front of your vehicle. Please do not stop to load your child if they've walked down the sidewalk. 

-Do not drive around the bus side (west) and behind the school to come around to the parent pick up side. Also, do not pick up students from the bus or staff parking lots.

-No parking along the grass.

-Only unload/load from the pickup circle. Students walking out and loading along the blacktop path toward the front of the school slow the line of cars from pulling forward. Unloading/loading from the passing lane or the middle of the parking lot creates unsafe conditions for students and drivers.

-After your student has unloaded/loaded, exit the circle via pulling up to the yield sign. Do not turn left to cut through middle of the visitor parking lot.

-If you are waiting for your student in the visitor lot, you must occupy a designated parking spot. Vehicles may wait in a designated handicapped spot only if they possess the proper registration to do so. 

-Please be aware of your surroundings when using a mobile phone in the loading zone.


OOMS Pickup Map